Scholarships & Sponsorships

The OCSAPN Executive Committee accepts applications for small scholarships or projects. They are awarded on a quarterly basis.

The scholarships help offset an individual’s expenses involved in attending “ATOD” or youth development/prevention trainings, seminars, conferences, and events. We first consider scholarships to individuals who are ineligible for or unable to obtain complete funding from other sources.

The OCSAPN is aware that local volunteers can sometimes provide more specific, unique, and culturally-sensitive solutions to community challenges than outside organizations or agencies. We consider special projects to local “grass roots” persons/organizations/groups that do not receive state, federal and/or other large grant funding. Organizations utilizing a high percentage of volunteers are given priority. Projects must be consistent with the mission and goals of the OCSAPN. We award up to $250 per quarter for both a scholarship and a special project (if funds are available).

Applicants receiving scholarships or sponsorship funds are requested to provide a follow-up report, in writing (mailed to OCSAPN’s address) or in person, to the OCSAPN membership at a general meeting following the completion of their project/workshop/conference.

Please send completed scholarship or sponsorship forms via email to Amy Streavel, OCSAPN Scholarships/Sponsorships Chair, at

Download the Scholarship Application in pdf click here. [274KB]

Si usted tiene Adobe Acrobat 5 o Acrobat Reader 5, obrima aquĆ­ para bajar la AplicaciĆ³n para Una Beca. [274KB PDF]

Download the OCSAPN Special Project Award document in Word format.